Still Frustrated about Your Tangle Curly Hair Wigs?


Have you been engaged in a war against hair tangling when you are about to head out for the day? Whether human hair wigs or synthetic wigs always have small little hairs that tangle together and just won’t stay flat. Are you struggling with how to get rid of it yet? Below are the tips on how to solve the hair tangling.


Tip 1: Use Suitable Comb

If the wig is tangled, please use a wide-toothed comb to comb it from the tip of the hair, and work your way up until the wig is combed smoothly. If you still can't comb it, put the conditioner and water in a spray bottle, spray the water on your hair, and then comb your hair slowly with a comb.

If the tangle situation is not too serious, you can gently comb it with a steel comb. Be careful not to use brute force to comb it hard, otherwise it will make the knot situation more and more serious, and it will also damage the wig and cause the hair to break.

Tip 2: Use Scissor

Don't use brute force to comb the wig when it's knotted seriously, which may make the knotting more serious and even make the wig break. If the tangle situation is particularly serious, and there is no way to comb it. You can cut a small part of the hair with scissors, and maybe you can comb it successfully. Although this can solve the knot, the shape of the wig is not so beautiful. Generally, it is not recommended.


Tip 3: Use Water Conditioner

If you can't comb it out, you can spray the water-fused conditioner on the wig, and then gently comb it with a steel comb. Generally, it can be combed out. During daily wig caring, a protective film can be formed on the hair surface by spraying the wig care solution several times, which makes the wig smoother, thus avoiding tangling and prolonging the wig life.


Tip 4: Use Wig Holder

Adugii suggest that you pay attention to the wig caring at ordinary times, and don't throw them around when not in use, so as to fundamentally avoid tangling. Generally, when you buy a wig, it comes with a wig holder. When you are not using it, you can put it on the holder, which can largely avoid hair friction and tangle.

When the wig is not worn at ordinary times, it must not be placed randomly so as to avoid tangling and keep the softness of the hair. It is suggested to buy a wig rack, and put the wig on the rack at ordinary times, so that the hairlines of the wigs can be prevented from rubbing against each other and knotting.

Tip 4: Notes About Washing

When cleaning, you should also pay attention not to rub the wig hard. After washing, do not expose it to the sun or blow it dry with hot air in a hair dryer. Wipe off excess water with a towel and then put it on a stand to dry naturally. After the wig is cleaned, a small amount of hair oil can be applied to keep the wig shiny. In addition to putting the wig on the shelf, you can also put a plastic sleeve on the outside to avoid dust adhesion.


Other suggestions on avoid wig tangling:


  1. You can use conditionerwhen wig tangling is serious.


  1. When hair conditioner is used, in which cationic quaternary ammonium salt, the main component, can neutralize the molecules with anions remaining on the hair surface, and leave a uniform monolayer. This layer will bring a series of benefits to the hair: softness, luster, easy combing and antistatic, and repair the mechanical damage of the hair and the damage caused by chemical perm, electric perm and hair dye to a certain extent.

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