How To DIY For Your Wig Dyeing


Want to dye your hair but think running to the salon is too much troublesome? Many people would like to DIY, but it is different from professional hair dyeing with a dedicated person serving you. DIY hair dyeing involves a lot of risks. Picking the wrong color and dyeing the wrong place may scare people with your "masterpiece" when it hits the street.

1. Stay true to original color
Whether your hair color before dyeing is natural or has been artificially changed, when you choose a new hair color, you must be faithful to your original color and choose according to the tone of your original hair color. Professional hair stylists suggest that no matter whether it is dark or light, it should not be more than two colors different from the original hair color, otherwise it will be too exaggerated.

2. Choose cool tune
If you're coloring your hair for the first time, using "warmer" colors that lighten your hair color can easily make your hair look dull and sandpaper-like. So it's a lot safer to choose cool or neutral colors.

3. Make enough preparations before dyeing
Usually one can of hair dye is enough for a dyeing on medium or long hair (that is, hair to the shoulders). If your hair is particularly long or thick, you should make enough reserves before dyeing your hair, otherwise you will be embarrassed without dye halfway.

4. Use professional tools
Usually, the hair dyeing tools equipped with hair dyes are relatively simple and have limited use. So if you want better results, go to a beauty tool store to buy more professional (at least more sturdy) tools. For example, the gloves for hair dyeing should not be just a thin layer of transparent plastic.

5. Do a color test first
Instead of not liking the new hair color and regretting it after dyeing, you should choose a pinch of hair below the surface for a color test before dyeing.

6. Carefully re-dye the hair roots
The most embarrassing thing about DIY hair dyeing is that the color of the hair root is inconsistent with the original hair color! Even if you use the same brand of hair dye with the same color number, if the dye is kept from the roots of the hair to other places during the waiting process, the color will be different from the previous color. To prevent accidents, you can ask a friend to help, or find a three-way mirror to see from all angles where to start the dye. If you want to add a touch of color to the already dyed areas, just use a comb to comb the hair dye to the ends of the hair about 5 minutes before washing, and wash all the hair together after 5 minutes.

7. After dyeing, keep the hair color always new
The more you treasure your hair, the better its color will hold. So after dyeing, choose a shampoo formulated for dyed hair, and do a deep treatment at least once a week.

9. Be careful with curls
Because curly hair is relatively dry, it is naturally easy to absorb hair dye, coloring is faster than straight hair, and it is naturally more prone to damage. Therefore, when dyeing curly hair, reduce the amount of dye by 4 points and 1, replace it with distilled water, and use it as usual after mixing.

10. Choose Color
Hair color is actually more of an ornament, so go bold with colors you wouldn’t normally choose, a little lighter, a little darker, and there’s a good chance you’ll be overjoyed. If you're afraid of "one slip will turn into eternal hatred", then you can choose spray hair dye or hair dye and styling gel.


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