FAQ Before Buying A Wig


Wanna buy a wig but still hesitate? Still have doubts on wig quality, shipping period or anything else? Worry about the wig price? These are the common questions we have when we shop online for a wig. Today, this article will collect the main questions appearing in the online shopping and offer the basic answer to it. Below are Questions you’d better ask before you make the order!


Q1: 100% Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

This is the first question we should ask when we shop online for a wig. If you wanna buy a 100% human hair wig, you should ask seller firstly to avoid buying the wrong hair. And if you receive the wig and wanna make sure its material. Here are the ways for you to tell human hair from synthetic hair. Burning hair and smelling is the most effective way to tell it. For human hair, full of natural protein, it will be ash and white smoke.For synthetic hair, it will be a sticky ball and black smoke.


Q2: Discount Info

The second question you need to ask is whether the store has promotion or discount. Some sisters often ignore the promotions and forget to input the discount code when pay for it. Actually, discount code will help us save more money when we make the order. So please don’t forget to look up for the discount info on the store. If you cannot find it on the web, you can contact seller for it. Normally, all the stores have promotions in the usual.


Q3: Cap Size and Head Circumference

The head cap is uniform size, in the design to take into account the size of each person's head, so there is an adjustment belt in the wig inner net, which can be adjusted according to the size of your head, after testing, all kinds of head shape can be worn, it's not going to fall off, of course not if you pull hard enough. Normally the cap size is medium(22-2.5 inch) with 3 combs, The Adjustment Straps can be intertwined to a fixed position,and adjust to different head sizes.


Q4:How to Measure the Wig?

This is the most common question when we buy the wig. For straight wig, it is easy to measure. But for curly wig, some beginners may don’t know the measure rule so as to misunderstand the length of curly wig. This is the common situation. Here is the correct measure method you should know. The straight hair wigs should be measured from head top to the bottom along the longest hair in the middle. The curly hair wigs should be measured from head top to the bottom along the longest hair in the middle after stretching it totally.


Q5: About the Shipping Period

Some sisters may buy the wig for the big moment, such as wedding, date, school graduation or party etc. So they have requirement on the delivery time. If you are also anxious for the wig, this is the question you should ask before making the order. If possible, you can also choose the shipping company you want. Just tell the seller. Normally, it works. According to the shipping situations on the market, shipping from China to USA normally need 3-5 workdays. Shipping from Local country is faster which will spend around 3 workdays.   



These are the five common questions for buying a wig. If you have more questions, please make a comment to let us know. We will fix the problem and offer the answer as soon as possible.


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