How to travel with the wig?


Nowadays, many people like traveling. When we travel, we like to dress up, wear beautiful clothes and draw beautiful makeup. Of course, hairstyle is also very important. Human lace front wig is the best choice for women. If this is your first time traveling with a wig, please read this article, which will tell you some precautions for traveling with a wig.

How to wear a wig to pass the airport security check?

You may be worried about traveling with a wig for the first time, because you don't know whether you can pass the security check or how to pass the security check.

You can inform the airport security department in advance that you are wearing a wig. If it makes you feel more comfortable, they will recognize you once you arrive at the security checkpoint. You can wear a wig on the plane. Just explain and cooperate with the inspection.

How to cooperate with security inspectors to successfully pass the security check?

Keep calm.

Please try to relax and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes we think too much and think the worst of things, but it doesn't happen

 If your wig has a metal clip, please tell them.

They do routine searches to make sure you are not hiding anything dangerous. If your wig is fixed with a metal clip, you can tell the security inspector that you don't need to take off your wig. At most, when you cross the security door, it will make a sound, and the security inspector will scan your body with the instrument. You can make it clear with the security inspector who frisked you in advance, and the security inspector will open a handful of hair to see if it is confirmed, and then it will be all right.

Special circumstances

Under special circumstances, they may ask you to take off your wig. Don't panic. If this happens, you can ask to enter the private search room for privacy protection.

Prepare a spare wig.

If you plan to travel, we suggest that you take more so as not to damage your wig during the trip.

 You can buy two spare ones. If you travel for a long time, different affordable wigs can be matched with different clothes and makeup to make your trip more interesting.

How to store wigs?

First of all, clean the wig before storage. You need to clean it with warm water and sulfate-free shampoo, which can avoid hair tangles and help keep the hair smooth.

After cleaning, don't rub the wig hard and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

When the wig is completely dry, store it.

A clean and transparent sealed bag is usually found in every family, and it is a must-have for every kitchen.

Just such a sealed bag, put your wig flat in it, and then put it in a cool and dry place to make your wig completely dry and clean.


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